2018 IPA Conference Information

The Illinois Philosophical Association meeting is schedule for Friday and Saturday the 2nd and 3rd of November at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Illinois.

Directions to Eastern Illinois University:
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Parking is free on Saturday.
Use this one day pass for Friday.

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Hotel Accommodations:
U Hotel.  25 rooms have been set aside for the conference.  $60 a night plus tax.  Please contact the U Hotel directly at 217-348-8161 and reference the EIU PHILOSOPHY DEPARTMENT to take advantage of the discount.  NB: Reservations made online and through Travel Agencies (Hotels.com, Expedia, etc.)  will NOT be eligible for the discounted rate.

Keynote Address, “The Duty To Object,” by Dr. Jennifer Lackey, the Wayne and Elizabeth Jones Professor of Philosophy at Northwestern University.


We have the duty to object to things that people say. If you report something that I know is false or unwarranted, or potentially harmful to others, I may be required to say as much. In this paper, my aim is to explore in greater depth how to best understand this duty. I begin by highlighting two central features of this duty that distinguish it from others, such as believing in accordance with the evidence or promise-keeping. In particular, I argue that whether we are obligated to object is directly influenced not only by what other relevant members of the context or community do, but also by the social status of the agent in question. I then show that these features are shared by the duty to be charitable, and the similarities between these two duties point to a potentially deeper explanation: while promise-keeping is regarded as a classic perfect duty, charity is an imperfect one. I then show how the duty to object can be modeled on a particular conception of imperfect duties, one that takes the distribution of goods, including epistemic goods, to be central.